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If you are interested in such a branch of sex culture BDSM as a trampling and you want to learn more about its varieties and techniques of implementation, then the following information is intended just for you.
As you know, modern sex culture is represented by many currents, one of the most popular among them is BDSM. The abbreviation BDSM is created with the initial letters of the "three whales" of this subculture, namely bondage, domination and sado-maso, which in their basis imply acts of domination and subordination. One of the basic directions that clearly demonstrates the role of the dominant and sabmisiva is trampling.Our turkey escorts can make all for you.

What is trampling?


So what is trampling? The answer lies in the term itself, which resembles the English word tramp, which means "tramp." That is, trampling is one of the directions of BDSM. Its essence consists in stamping the body of the so-called slave by the dominant partner. The basis of this role-playing game is an act of humiliation and submission.
Domina is usually a woman - a lady. She is pleased with the sense of power over the partner and the very fact of humiliation. In addition, here she has the opportunity to exchange the usual roles in life and to realize her erotic fantasies, and though for a short period of time to be taller, men are more important.
- Male and female erotic fantasies.
The role of a slave is most often assumed by a man holding a high position. To him, the entire process of subordination and sensation of physical pain is a great pleasure and contributes to psychological unloading. Some go for it with aesthetic motives, that is, we are talking about lovers of female legs - foot fetishists.
Types of trampling

Trampling is of two kinds: soft and hard. About them also we will talk further.

Soft trampling implies trampling the "mistress" on the body of the "slave" with not shod legs. Stockings or socks can be worn if partners like it. This kind of role-playing games is not very dangerous and quite pleasant for both partners. So called "slave" is not the pleasure of physical pain, but of the sensation of the female legs touching the body and the possibility of contemplating the whole process. Some consider soft trampling as one of the types of foot fetish.
Hard trampling is a trampling on the partner's body with feet in shoes. It can even be shoes directly from the street. The most commonly used shoes are high-heeled shoes. The main goal of such a trampoline is to cause as much physical pain as possible. For the sake of this, the mistress is trampled all over the body of the "slave", even her face and genitals. Here you need to be extremely careful, because to bring injury to a partner is easier than simple.
Hard trampling is attributed to the area of ​​BDSM. Its consequences can be quite deplorable. The most common injuries obtained in the process of stamping, consider:
The pierced navel;
Fracture of nose;
Damage to the lips;
Damage to the larynx;
Fracture of the auricle;
Damage to eyelids and eyebrows:
Fracture of thorax;
Penetration of the point of articulation of the jaw.
All these consequences are terrible, and the last two can even lead to death. Therefore, you need to be extremely accurate and adhere to some security rules.

Safety rules during the trampling

In order to make trampling as safe as possible, it is necessary to adhere to some basic safety rules:

The "slave" must lie on a firm surface. It can be a floor or a hard sofa. This significantly reduces the risk of various injuries.
Trampling should occur in a place where there is support for the dominant. For example, a wall or chair. This is to ensure that he does not lose his balance and does not fall, and did not inflict damage to his partner.
It is advisable to exclude the area of ​​the face when walking, as this is very dangerous. Especially it is easy to damage the eyes or even the larynx, if the heel falls into the mouth of the "slave".
Do not stumble in the navel and neck area. Especially dangerous is a little exaggerating pressure on the neck. This is fraught with even strangulation.
You can not stumble in dirty shoes on the sexual organs of a partner. This can lead to infection.
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Technique of trampling

The whole process of subordination and humiliation in trampling requires both partners to know the techniques of this role-playing game. After all, as a result, he should give pleasure to both the "mistress" and the "slave", and not cause injury.
You need to start with the most simple and painless trampling, in order to understand if it suits you at all. A woman should clearly understand that a man literally lies at her feet and she is completely responsible for it. You can not overdo it and go from role-playing to torture.
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During the trampling